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Public Submissions

In some cases, you may want to solicit contributions to your book from the public, such as if you are creating a collection of conference proceedings or creating a journal volume. You can temporarily allow public submissions to your book by adjusting the Public Submissions setting on your book's Authorship page.

turn on allow public submissions

Once you turn on Public Submissions, navigate back to the cover page of your book. There you will see a persistent reminder that public submissions are allowed, and it will also provide a link to the book's public submission page.

a reminder tells you that public submissions are on

This is a unique link that should only be shared with those that you would like to be able to submit chapters to your book. If you place the link in social media or on an email listserv, just be aware that anyone who clicks on the link will be able to submit as many chapters as they like, which means that you may receive unwanted submissions or duplicates.

Anyone that you share this link with will be provided with a form where they can submit a chapter from a Google Doc template.

the public submission form

Any chapters submitted in this manner will not be published until you go to the chapter and publish it.

Once you are done collecting submissions, you should turn off public submissions on the Authorship page. The reminder on your book's cover page will remain until this has been done.

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