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All free, all the time.

We have created this site and provided all of our content freely, because scholarly knowledge should be free!

Our Values

Open Scholars Press is an initiative led by faculty across various institutions. We have four guiding values for this initiative:

  1. Freedom - All of our content is freely available, and most of it is free to remix, reuse, and redistribute without seeking permission.
  2. Accessibility - We design all of our content with a mobile-first mindset that focuses on making content fast and accessible to all.
  3. Usability - All of our content undergoes ongoing usability testing to improve our users' experiences.
  4. Quality - Our content is created by leaders in the field, and much of it undergoes similar peer review processes used by journals or editorial review processes used by book publishers.


We only include content on this site that is gratis (free as in no cost), but not all content may provide freedoms to users for remixing, etc. (free as in freedom). Each book included in this site is released under its own license, and some include chapters or other content that may be released under yet another license. If you have questions about reuse, remixing, etc., please consult the copyright notice on the individual work.

Books that are hosted on other sites (e.g., PressBooks) that we link to may have their own licensing requirements.


We have worked hard to design and continually improve this site to be the best open textbook platform on the web. Some features include the following:


By hosting or linking to content on this site, we do not claim ownership of the content, and we or our partners should not be viewed as supporting the veracity or opinions of content authors. All specific content items merely reflect the opinions of their authors.

Publish with Us

Want to get your book published and reach a wider audience? Want to do research on user experiences with your book? Contact us [mailto:admin@openscholarspress.org], and we'd love to chat with you about hosting your book for free.

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This site is developed and maintained by Dr. Royce Kimmons [http://roycekimmons.com] and is hosted by Brigham Young University [https://education.byu.edu/ipt].

If you have questions or requests, please direct them to the website administrator at admin@openscholarspress.org [mailto:admin@openscholarspress.org].